Eliko has developed a Smart Street concept in Tallinn

Eliko has developed a demo street in Tallinn equipped with our lamp-based street light control system and sensors that gather information about people, cars, noise and other relevant info. The data is available in real-time from the public website www.eliko.ee/smartcity

In developing the demo street concept, we partnered with the local community organisations and Tallinn University to find out how can smart services be useful. We were aiming to find out not only what services were people asking for but also what the city needed in better managing its infrastructure and ensuring high quality public services.

The demo street has been up and running since October 2015 and has already generated interesting insights into the street’s ecosystem. The Kalaranna Smart Street is visualising how electricity consumption depends on the amount of daylight and how although the amount of cars increases in the spring and summertime, the average noise level is relatively consistent.

Kalaranna Smart Street

In the future, Eliko plans to extend the amount of smart streets in Tallinn to build an ecosystem and support future smart services.

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