Custom development of intelligent control systems

Intelligent control systems increase the functionality and safety of many critical applications such as transportation and manufacturing systems, medical devices, and networked embedded systems.

Eliko develops intelligent control systems using the combined expertise in inertial motion capture integration, machine vision, machine learning and precise positioning.

We deliver high quality and future proof systems that are tested, validated and ready to use. As a result, we have delivered a range of applications that comply with the strictest regulations in the medical and industrial fields. We also develop all documentation for certification and compliance.

Depending on the complexity of the expected end-result, our product development projects typically last from 6 to 24 months.

We apply the newest knowledge in the field and collaborate with many research institutions. As such, Eliko regularly participates in Horizon 2020 and other industrial research projects.

By using our intelligent control systems, our customers have been able to make their processes more efficient and have increased the safety and quality of their services.

We offer technology development from concept to validation

Concept Development

System requirements analysis

Feasibility studies

Technology design & development

Testing and validation

Why work with us

  • 100+ completed projects

  • 150+ satisfied customers

  • Turnkey solutions

  • Expertise in medical devices and manufacturing

  • Competent engineering teams

Eliko is a qualified service provider for the technology development instruments designed for Estonian SMEs by the Estonian innovation agency Enterprise Estonia.

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