Impedance Spectroscopy Designed for Biomedical Applications

Quadra platform is a patented impedance spectroscopy analyser suitable for both embedding and autonomous field applications.

Quadra is both compact and powerful. It enables very fast, real-time detection of changes in any object with electrical properties.

The impedance-mapping technology can be used in both portable devices and large-scale measurement systems.

Quadra has several applications in biomedicine, diagnostics and food technology.







  • Simultaneous 15-frequency measurement for detecting subtle changes
  • Real-time 1000 measurements per second sampling rate to monitor rapid changes
  • Compact size suitable for embedding in OEM devices
  • Patented technology based on 40 years of experience
  • Software enables simple customisation for any application
  • Suitable for biomedical applications
  • Application-specific front-ends
  • Dedicated support team

Eliko provides flexible support for your impedance measurements. Our engineers can help you make sense of the data, design custom applications and embed impedance measurement into any device.

This level of technical support comes with each purchase of evaluation kit for free. We help you through all the issues you might face using Quadra for the first time, including help with installation process and measurement software. Basically, everything you need to get started with our impedance spectroscopy platform.

In case you have a particular problem or a task, for which you lack the time and perhaps knowledge, you can ask for our services. We have several application specific front-end designs available in addition to the single shunt front-end included in the evaluation kit. Standard software is provided with the evaluation kit; however, we are more than happy to develop custom software solutions based on your specifications. Electrode set-up is often one of the most confusing parts of impedance measurements. That’s why we offer consultation on electrodes, and if possible production.

You have an idea of a device and have already completed the proof of concept phase. Your next step of moving forward from concept to final product would require a lot of manhours to develop the necessary software and hardware. Our experienced engineers will take on the responsibility of implementing the impedance technology into the overall design of your device, along with all the necessary software development. We also offer our support on preparation for production and documenting the whole process.

Quadra Evaluation Kit
Standard Quadra software
Consultation on the selection of electrodes
2h engineering support for the initial setup
Impedance demo board for system/setup verification
Custom designed front-ends*
Custom designed electrodes
Customised software
Custom analytics and data interpretation
Custom embedded impedance measurement technology
Custom developed product software
Full documentation for production
Assistance with medical device certification
Production service
*See the product sheet for the selection and description of available front-ends.

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