Eliko has been powering a smarter world as a state-of-the-art technology provider since September 2004. “We thank our customers, team members and partners for being a vivid part of the journey. We have built long-lasting solutions together that have made an impact and improved the quality of life around the world,” said Indrek Ruiso, CEO and a founder of Eliko.

Eliko’s team enjoys going beyond making simple IoT products. For that, Eliko provides embedded systems for smarter solutions. A smart environment with IoT infrastructure combines a complex set of technologies to deliver end-user applications for smart cities, smart factories and smart homes.

KIO RTLS – A UWB-based indoor location system for a fully connected Industry 4.0 value chain

Accurate location data is a prime cornerstone of a fully connected and automated value chain and can be enabled by a RTLS (Real Time Location System). Eliko’s KIO RTLS, an indoor tracking system, detects precise location coordinates using the time-of-flight (ToF) positioning method on ultra-wideband (UWB) radio technology. Unlike signal strength-based Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or RFID positioning, UWB technology has reduced interference with other wireless networks and enables coordinate-based accuracy even through obstacles.

In the manufacturing industry, the KIO RTLS tag helps track forklifts, pallets, containers or other manufactured parts. This product can also track people for employee route optimization, or manufacturing and medical institution safety. It can also detect player location in indoor sports.

Powering a smarter world with KIO RTLS

Kalaranna Smart Street – a collaborative space for citizens, researchers and companies to co-develop solutions for a smarter world

Eliko has also developed a smart street in Tallinn known as Kalaranna Smart Street to showcase how modern street-lighting infrastructure can be used to gather valuable data about the urban environment. Sensors were added to the connected lights to collect information about the street’s electricity consumption, noise and traffic levels and even the amount of garbage in its cans. Eliko successfully transformed Kalaranna into a collaborative space for researchers, companies and citizens to co-develop smart solutions.

Kalaranna Smart Street

A powerful Quadra impedance spectroscopy analyzer for biomedicine and smart medical devices

The compact Quadra platform is a patented impedance spectroscopy analyzer. Quadra impedance mapping technology is the result of 40 years of research by Eliko and the Tallinn University of Technology. As a real-time electrical impedance spectroscopy device, Quadra expertly measures a spectrogram of 15 frequencies with a speed of 1000 measurements per second, thereby enabling fast, real-time detection of changes in any object with electrical properties.

Quadra has autonomous field applications in food technology, diagnostics, and biomedicine. Injeq, a promising Finnish medical device company, leveraged Eliko’s Quadra to develop a smart spinal needle for real-time tissue identification.


MNT500 – An inertial motion analyzer for medical therapy and sports science

And last but not least, the MNT500 is another powerful product in Eliko’s showcase. It’s a small wireless measurement system which facilitates inertial motion tracking. The MNT500 has been used for both research and industrial applications in aeronautics, medical therapy, mobile VR apps and sports science.

Over the years, Eliko has built broad-ranging expertise in IoT by developing technologies and solutions for smart cities, smart factories, healthcare, sports and many other niche domains. Moreover, Eliko’s team has been awarded 13 patents and has to its credit hundreds of publications along the way. “The people in our community are our greatest asset as today it is no longer about what technology can do, but what people can do with new, high-performing networks and platforms and disruptive technologies. Therefore, Eliko continues to grow and pursue even broader impact with its smart solutions,” said Ruiso.


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