Are you currently evaluating RTLS providers and have questions about the KIO RTLS solution? We have added a support page for you to our website. You can now easily find the most frequently asked questions with answers that will help you learn more about RTLS. Here is an overview of what else it includes.  

Our customers have highlighted Eliko’s technical support and well-prepared documentation in our feedback surveys. As such, cooperation with our customers has led to us enhancing the RTLS online support for your evaluation process even more. The most frequently asked questions (FAQ) with answers, detailed product documentation and video tutorials are now easily accessible to help you learn more about RTLS. Let’s take a closer look at the three sections.

FAQ about KIO RTLS for system evaluators

Whether you are just starting out with the KIO RTLS Starter Kit or would like to expand it and deploy hundreds of devices as your next step, we have answered the most frequently asked questions about the system. For example, how is KIO RTLS different from other systems? How many tags can you add to the system? What is the difference between time-of-flight and time-difference-of-arrival? These and many other questions about the system, tags, anchors and technology are explained in simple terms.

Product documentation for KIO RTLS hardware

Secondly, in-depth product documentation is also easily to access on our website. This section includes technical specifications about anchors, tags, the server and regular cells. If you would like to peruse user manuals that are currently available upon request, simply e-mail us and ask at

Video tutorials

Thirdly, the video tutorial section currently includes a short video introduction to KIO RTLS set-up. Besides the first video, in future you can expect to find more video tutorials there. Let us know which tutorials you would benefit from the most!

We value your feedback

Your opinions are always important to us in order to meet your needs. Therefore, your feedback on the support page is truly valuable in enhancing it further. Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions related to it. Also let us know about the things you enjoy the most. E-mail me at

And last but not least, contact our RTLS experts at They will help you plan and set up your RTLS solution to accomplish your goals with RTLS.

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