Smart City

The Internet of Things (IoT) will transform the way people interact with their environment. There are expected to be 50 billion connected devices in the World by 2020. The IoT poses new challenges for cities, since these devices need to be able to work securely and seamlessly in a crowded and heterogeneous network.

Modern street lighting infrastructures are the backbone of the IoT in smart cities. Smart and wireless street light luminaires can act as service gateways for other street level IoT devices. This enables to create new smart urban services based on connected devices that make autonomous decisions. Eliko has already created one such citywide network of smart things in Tallinn, Estonia –  Kalaranna Smart Street


  • Solution using future-proof technologies based on IP-based communication
  • Reliable system that controls more than 65 000 luminaires in Estonia.
  • Open standards enable to connect any IP-based sensor and send data to the server.
  • Smart infrastructure for connecting additional sensors and devices.

How our technology works?

SmartELI street lighting control system enables to manage street lights more flexibly, save electricity, monitor the grid and cut maintenance costs at the same time. It consists of smart controllers and a cloud-based software for the real-time management of street lights.

The system uses open wireless mesh communication, enabling standalone street lighting infrastructures to become hubs for IoT- and Cloud-based services. The IoT infrastructure is able to serve other devices like sensors and actuators and the IP-based technology enables to create new public services.

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