Manufacturing is expected to show continuous improvement of processes – produce more efficiently and with high quality. However, manual data collection takes time and produces multiple errors and even so, some processes are hard to measure.

Eliko’s RTLS brings complete visibility to your physical space by tracking vehicles, assets, inventory and people. RTLS network is the backbone of Industry 4.0 applications. Accurate, real-time information from operations brings multiple benefits.

Real-time location tracking in production brings:

-Improves the OEE by a more efficient deployment of equipment & personnel and better management of assets, materials, and end-products.

-Improves workplace safety and reduces incident rates through digital geofencing and collision avoidance.

-Ensures transparency of operations for audits, regulators, and just-in-time production.



  • Cost-efficient UWB solution
  • Built-in redundancy features for mission-critical applications
  • Flexible accuracy from presence detection to cm-level accuracy
  • Open API for seamless integration
  • Easily scalable and extendable system

How does our technology work?

The RTLS consists of anchors that are mounted on walls and tags that are attached to tracked objects. The tags communicate with the anchors using ultra wideband (UWB) radio technology. The signal time is calculated into distance measurements and real-time coordinates using Eliko’s advanced time-of-flight-based method. This enables to locate hundreds of moving objects simultaneously.

The network is optimised for performance and has always reliable and predictable accuracy. Eliko’s system is unique on the market since the single network can provide accuracies from presence detection down to cm-level accuracy and everything in between. High accuracy networks are device-dense, lower accuracy requires fewer devices and are more cost-efficient.

The RTLS is designed to be scalable so that it can be easily deployed for tracking hundreds of objects on the assembly line. The open API enables to integrate the RTLS into any existing MRP or ERP system.

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