In medical applications, it is often critical to know the exact location of the needle for injection and biopsy. Physicians can rely on tactile sensing and in some cases ultrasound guidance. Neither of these methods is precise enough. Tactile sensing is based on experience, ultrasound guidance lacks in depth perspective.

The bioimpedance-based needle is designed to fit an electrode, that allows to monitor the location of the needle tip in real time. The continuous bioimpedance data gives constant information about the tissue surrounding the needle. Therefore, the physician knows when the needle has reached its destination, for example, a blood vessel or spinal fluid.

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Bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy is a widely used method for examining the properties of different biological structures, whether single cells, tissues or whole organ systems.

Eliko’s impedance spectroscopy is best suited for applications which require fast multi-frequency measurement.

Some examples of other medical devices using bioimpedance measurement are body composition analysers, haemodynamic monitors and respiratory function analysers.


  • Simultaneous 15-frequency measurement for detecting subtle changes
  • Real-time 1000 measurements per second sampling rate for monitoring rapid changes
  • Compact size suitable for embedding in OEM devices
  • Patented technology based on 40 years of experience in impedance measurement
  • Software enables simple customisation for any application

How our technology works?

The novel patented impedance spectroscopy technology enables to simultaneously measure 15 frequencies in 1 ms. It is a cost effective yet highly versatile measurement platform for a wide range of applications in the medical domain. Quadra compact impedance-mapping technology can be used for creating portable connected devices or large-scale measurement systems.

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