Inertial Motion Capture

Inertial motion capture has a wide variety of applications from sports and rehabilitation to improving control in industrial, automotive and aviation applications.

Eliko designs custom hardware platforms using third party inertial measurement units (IMU) or smartphone IMUs. We deliver reliable 3D motion data with our custom signal processing and pattern recognition algorithms.

For customers interested in studying a particular movement

phenomena, Eliko has also developed a proprietary motion capture platform for evaluation and testing.

We have broad experience in inertial motion capture in a range of applications such as medical rehabilitation and manufacturing. We create accurate, reliable and complex motion capture systems that equally improve the quality of human lives and business processes.

Why work with us

  • 7+ experience in motion capture system design

  • Small wireless IMUs with 9-axis sensor

  • Experience with most IMU units on the market

  • Dedicated motion capture engineers

Valik projekte

Smart Hospital Bed

Patients with spinal cord injuries are often immobilized and bedbound for years and need constant rehabilitation. Verticalization is a procedure that speeds up recovery, prevents ulcers and enables patients to go home sooner. The smart hospital bed has an intelligent control system that automatically verticalizes patients based on their physiological parameters - blood pressure, heart rate etc.

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The smart hospital bed is based on Eliko’s intelligent control system. It automatically verticalizes the spinal cord injury patient based on his physiological parameters. The bed automatically adjusts its angle according to the real-time readings of patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels.

Eliko develops the smart hospital bed for one of the top neurological rehabilitation centers in the Nordics. The system is an important tool for physiotherapists and will become part of routine clinical care. In the future, patients could also perform regular verticalization procedures at home.

Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre

Rowing Tracker

In professional rowing, the right technique determines the optimal stroke performance, energy consumption, and speed. Eliko developed an Android-based rowing tracker for our client Sportslyzer. The system uses mobile phone IMU data to monitor the rowing technique of athletes.

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Our custom signal processing algorithm determine different parameters like strokes per minute, acceleration per stroke, change in direction per stroke, etc.

The application captures and analyses training data. It gives real-time feedback on how to improve the rowing technique and athletes’ overall performance.

Sportlyzer Homepage

Tool Tracking System

The hand tool tracking system uses custom IMUs in combination with Ultra Wideband (UWB) indoor positioning technology to detect the exact position of hand tools. This enables to precisely track workers' activities and improves the quality of manufacturing.  

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We use different data fusion techniques to combine IMU data such as the object’s direction, acceleration with the UWB-based distance measurement data. This improves the positioning accuracy to below 5 cm and gives information about the usage of the hand tool.

The hand tool tracking system is a novel way to ensure that all required assembly steps have been performed. As an example of Industry 4.0, it will be a crucial part of an overall quality assurance in assembly line based manufacturing.

Patient Home Monitoring System

Eliko’s inertial motion capture platform is used in a telemedicine system that estimates the physical condition of multiple sclerosis patients. As a result, patients have a better overview of their condition and avoid unnecessary hospital visits.    

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The system is based on Eliko’s custom wearable sensors, sensor fusion technology and pattern recognition software.

Patients do standard exercises wearing our wireless motion tracking units. The software then analyses if the patient’s condition is worsening, stable or improving. This will help physicians to detect relapses and assess the effect of medication on the patient’s motor functions.

The software and hardware can be adapted to identify the movement patterns of different neurological diseases.


Project video on YouTube

Ocean Floor Monitoring

The Horizon 2020 project Lakhsmi aims to radically improve the continuous large scale monitoring and imaging of ocean streams. The novel system will benefit oceanography, improve harbour security and can even produce renewable energy.    

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Eliko’s role is to develop the evaluation system for testing the novel ocean flow sensors. In addition, our IMU sensors together with optical sensors measure both the differential pressure and temperature on the ocean floor. This, in turn, enables high-resolution imaging and can reliably detect surrounding motions in space and time.

Lakhsmi Project Webpage