Eliko has developed a demo street in Tallinn to show how modern street lighting infrastructures can be used to gather valuable data about the urban environment.

Kalaranna is located in the heart of the most hip and modern Kalamaja district in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

All the street lights in Kalaranna are equipped with Eliko’s SmartELI control system which creates an IP-radio network on the street. Sensors have been added to the connected lights to gather information about the street’s electricity consumption, noise and traffic levels and even garbage level in the cans.

The real time information is made available for the citizens and the municipality through the smart street public webpage.


Cities are facing increasing challenges through a growing urban population that puts a strain on public services and infrastructure. Moreover, cities need to increasingly compete for investments and professional workforce to fuel their growth. Therefore, cities aim to create an innovative, safe and friendly environment for its citizens.

Interoperability has become a key for creating a connected environment of smart devices and avoid proprietary technologies that can lead to costly lock-ins and lack of flexibility. Still, such systems often fail to demonstrate how the technology works in real-life conditions.

The Kalaranna Smart Street

Kalaranna is a 2 km long street, reconstructed in 2015 and equipped with new LED lights and Eliko’s SmartELI system. Different sensors were integrated into the SmartELI wireless communication network since the street lighting system has a much higher throughput than would be necessary for just controlling the LED-lights.

Local community members helped Eliko to select the sensors to reflect what citizens are concerned about in Kalaranna, such as pedestrian safety and noise pollution. Data arriving from the sensors in real time highlight how better information can improve municipal services. For example, waste collection and street maintenance may be flexibly managed through better analytics. The SmartELI open communication protocols ensure easy integration of additional devices to the existing network.


Kalaranna Smart Street has initiated a public discussion about how can IT solutions make Tallinn a better living environment. In addition, municipalities are keen to learn how to invest into the future-proof technologies, enabling to save costs and use existing resources more sustainably. Eliko’s vision is to make Kalaranna a collaborative space for researchers, companies and citizens to co-develop additional services for local citizens and visitors.