Next-generation location tracking

Precisely track vehicles, goods and people in real-time with a reliable indoor positioning system. Designed for digital solutions that depend on location data. Based on ultra-wideband technology.

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The Eliko indoor positioning system can achieve a tracking accuracy to within 3 centimetres (1 inch).  However, most of our customers require sub-30 cm or sub-1 metre accuracy. We design the infrastructure anchor count for your accuracy needs. The system is based on ultra-wideband technology. It is ten times more accurate than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, enabling centimetre-level accuracy. The secret behind our outstanding precision relies in our hardware and ranging software, both designed and optimised in-house.

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real-time location tracking


You can be confident in the positional stability and reliability of the tracking system. We have developed our core localisation technology over the course of more than seven years while piloting in real environments. Additionally, UWB itself has superior performance in multipath and reflections, penetrates obstacles and has no interference issues with other radio waves.

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Real-time location tracking

Track anything from forklifts to high-speed sports. The Eliko indoor positioning system offers update rates of up to 300 Hz (times per second). UWB data transfer is protected from interference and works well in a crowded radio environment. Our unique tracking system is also well suited to safety applications demanding low latency. You can warn people before they are in danger with 10-millisecond notifications sent over ultra-wideband.

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Tailored to your needs

Eliko’s real-time location tracking technology is used for building complex solutions that depend on location data. You can use the same positioning network for different applications. Choose the right accuracy, refresh rate, communication mode and integration, and seamlessly combine different requirements in the same tracking area. Our unique localisation method allows for a variety of advanced configurations. Its well-documented API is ideal for developers demanding flexibility.

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Our main challenge before using the ultra-wideband tracking system was tracking in darkness to project the lighting precisely on the dancer. The infrared systems for artists on stage can easily get confused when we need to track more than one target, so we were searching for something not visual or infrared. We liked that Eliko’s UWB-based location tracking technology had a very high refresh rate and was very accurate.

Eric Brucker
Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC)

We studied several real-time tracking systems with different technologies and, in the end, we decided to implement the UWB location tracking technology from Eliko. For us, it had the best location tracking results, the easiest configuration and the best cost-efficiency ratio.

Tiago Moura
Digitalisation Engineer at Bosch Thermotechnology

We did tests with Eliko’s indoor positioning system and compared it with other similar solutions on the market. Based on our test results we are confident in recommending the two-way ranging based Eliko RTLS location tracking solution as a robust UWB solution.

Hitesh Jani
Delivery Manager at eInfochips Inc

Eliko empowers innovators worldwide

Eliko is located in Estonia and has designed reliable indoor positioning systems since 2014. More than 100 innovation leaders in 30+ countries have validated Eliko’s location systems in challenging environments indoors and outdoors. We serve global industrial organisations, system integrators, and software developers who need a reliable location-tracking technology partner. Eliko RTLS is used to improve transparency, operational efficiency, and employee safety across industries worldwide. Our company dates back to 2004. We come from a strong R&D background in radio communication. We combine ultra-wideband, GNSS, IMU and other technologies into complete industrial solutions to perform location tracking.


We put the core positioning technology first to provide you with reliable low-latency location data for your applications.


Our hardware is highly optimised, which means you need up to half the hardware typically required to set up the infrastructure.


Our flexible technology and agile team enable you to pilot quickly and configure the system to your application needs.


We guarantee full lifecycle support from solution consultation, network design and installation to maintenance.


Our passionate and diverse team has 10+ years of experience with positioning technologies and 7+ years with UWB.


We grow alongside our partners and customers and continuously innovate to stay at the forefront of technological solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What are anchors?

Anchors are static reference devices that are placed around the tracking area. Anchors are installed on the walls, ceiling or other support structures. They enable you to measure the distance from a tag to calculate its location coordinates.

How many anchors do I need to cover the tracking area?

The number of anchors you need to cover the tracking area heavily depends on the environment of the area, as conditions are rarely ideal. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any one-size-fits-all rule. The best way to find out the approximate number of anchors needed for your tracking area is to contact our RTLS experts and provide them with the floorplan of the area and some pictures if possible. The preliminary setup for tracking can then be drafted based on the information provided.

In general, for 2D positioning, the minimum number of anchors needed is 3. However, we recommend 4 anchors for additional reliability and optimal precision. For 3D positioning, at least 4 anchors are required. With 4 anchors you can cover about 50×50 m (~2500 m2) in ideal conditions. In a difficult non-line-of-sight (nLoS) situation you need more anchors to provide the best precision possible.

If your layout does not allow a standard easy setup, contact us for guidance.

How does the UWB technology work?

Like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, ultra-wideband (UWB) is a short-range, wireless communication protocol that operates through radio waves. But unlike its counterparts, it operates at very high frequencies — a broad spectrum of GHz frequencies — and can be used to capture highly accurate data.

What information can be collected with the system?

You can choose between several data output formats depending on what information is required. For example, you can request information about coordinates, distance, battery status and timestamps. Ask for more features and options for your particular case from our sales team at

Is it possible to integrate third party software with Eliko RTLS software and collect coordinates / location information from you system?

Yes, it’s possible to export data from the Eliko RTLS server to your own server or machine. Contact us to discuss this in more detail.

Shaping the future

Eliko is shaping the future by developing next-generation positioning networks for digital solutions that depend on location data.

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